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pig in morterboardAs well as being an experienced property investor and professional landlord Nikki Parsler is also a qualified teacher and management trainer. (B.Ed, IPD Cert)  Mentoring is sometimes available to individuals or small groups.  The topics covered can be as individual as the needs of the person concerned and sessions can be for a single morning/afternoon or extend over a longer period.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this service then please get in contact to discuss availability.


“Hi Nikki
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the property investment consultation last week. It was very valuable hour and I have learnt a lot from you! It was great meet someone passionate and willing to share the knowledge. Thanks a lot and speak to you soon!”

“Hello Nikki, Just a quick follow-up to thank you for your time today.  Couldn’t have made informed decisions on the way forward without your expert knowledge, it really takes the edge of ‘fear’ out of the process so thanks once again. Thanks also for the documentation you forwarded. This is more information than I expected and so helpful I can’t tell you. I’ll have some delightful reading over the week. Look forward to our next session!”



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